vendredi 28 septembre 2012

+ Silhouette + Itsy Bikini


I have also decided I'll go back to blogging the great clothes from the designers across the Grid... So if you wanna me to blog something, feel free to send it to me and Ill blog it ASAP.

I'll start with a bikini I got from my friend Julie Kitalpha from + Silhouette +... I was a gift in their store a few weeks back.... maybe its still there... Go have a look if you like it :-)

This Bikini was also featured in a photoshoot I did with Khal a few weeks back and which you can see on his flickr: Swimming with the Dolphins.

Pic by Khal Dubrovna

Lou's Love

Lou is in love.... that's no secret anymore... She misses him dearly... So yesterday while they were having an email chat she took a pic for him.... Lets have a look at it:

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Busty's Power

So... I was looking with Scooby at a place to shoot a short private movie... He tped me to Busty's Island... a very nice and cosy Island with sex enable furnitures...  What happens next is just a fucked up story...
As we were discussing about it I got an IM from Takedown Carlucci telling me about his 8'' RL cock... I was kinda surprised since I do not care about RL when I'm on SL... He insists more... Got on my nerves and I finally told him I charge 5k/h which usually send them run away... He then got silent and I was happy.
In the mean time Busty December (no need to keep names private when ppl are so stupid) was talking with Scooby about the porn world and how she would like to be paid for us to shoot a private movie on her sim about 10k.... Not that I can help with the 543L$ I had. And then she told him I was IMing guys to offer my escort services.... Then I went back to the guy nasty IM and checked his profile.... All got clear to me... He was the owner bf....
So basically, because I was wearing my Cum Queen tag, I have to be an escort... on top of that greedy enough to look for clients when I'm on a supposed date... By then our fun moment was over... all the excitment went down and I got bascially totally pissed off. Just to remind you ppl... PornStars are not escorts.... and Porn on SL is not paid! We do it for fun and because we like it! The story ends here... Lucky enough some ppl are kind enough to let us use their sim/location and are given credit for that... and even donations if one can afford it.
But this ppl have JUDGED me without even looking or reading my profile which NOWHERE says I'm escort.... cause I am not! So let me just tell you this... Busty and Takedown are not nice people, they invaded our privacy (ok we were on their sim) and judge us because we do something they do not understand. When Scooby said he could not pay 10K, she laughed at him and made bad jokes about poverty... but lets be honnest... He already paid me 5k to fuck me... so surely he had to be poor.... I have to admit they have some kind of class....
Anyhow... we ended up doing our movie one other day on Opium II (thanks Colleen) and this teached me a lesson... Some people just should treat others with the respect they expect to get back.
To end this ticket... I strongly recommend not to go to Busty's Island if you want to enjoy some private time.

Lou is back to business

So.... I bet we can say I'm back to blogging.... I deleted all that was related to my previous avi and gonna start this blog fresh...

What is Lou doing on SL now? ByeBye the good and obediant HouseWife.... Lou is now trying to become a PornStar. She has been in a few photoshoot and also in a few movies. She really enjoys what she is doing... 
Let me tell you about SL porn tho.... It is not paid! I mean you normally pay photographers right? so why would they pay you? And moreover, you are not actually having sex (at least I am not). A photoshoot or a movie is technical... But before or after I never mind a little fun with the director or co-star(s)....
But that was before I met Corvin... Now we kinda are an exclusive couple... and I dont play anymore with others... I still do porn tho... but I have stopped escorting and messing around.
He has been away quite some times now and its getting harder and temptation is HUGE.... I try not to give in (see my halo?)...
Get back ASAP baby..... I need you to fulfill all my fantasies ;)

Back to SL Porn... The first person who gave me a chance to be in a movie is MissEmily and Ill never thank her enough for that. I enjoyed working with her on this female orgy movie! I met a lot of great girls and still have contact with some at times! Working under Emily's direction was awesome and I'm always looking forward to her new projects whether I'm in them or not :)

The next one who gave me a chance was Erika! I got lucky to get the role cause her first choice never showed up! The movie was awesome and my co-star Dain a pearl ;)

That's all about movies so far.... Ill post a few photoshoot in the next days...