vendredi 26 avril 2013

The puppet & the puppeteer by Mirko Panacek

Well... Hello there.... (I am always so inspired to start a post)

It has been a while now that I wanted to work with my friend Mirko... but we all know how busy he was with the Awards and of course with his lingerie store... and well he also has a RL (yes, as impressive as it looks some of us do have one....). His time is precious so I had to get an idea which I was really proud of before I dared asking him to work with me....

We all know that most of my ideas are silly one pic stuff... so I thought hard and long (hmmmmm) and finally come across the puppet and puppeteer idea and IMed him! And he said yes... So I worked on getting the poses and the props and putted all that up for us.... And then he shooted and edited the awesome pics that you can see here or on his flickr! I hope you enjoy as much as I did!!

It gets naughtier after the jump

mardi 16 avril 2013

The minor annoyances of modern transportation means

I was just being a good girl and doing the cleaning at home this weekend when Kat and Erika asked me to be the victim of their "débile" photo idea.... I was first not quite sure about it... but hey! You all know me and my silly ideas... I might myself need victims one day... so now they owe me and will not be able to refuse when I will ask them....

I was not suppose to take any pics but for once my PC quite behaved and among the random shoots I got this one inspired me... Since they kinda liked it I published it along with their versions!

Kat's version

Erika's alien-like version

Kat : "SEE! I TOLD you those were NOT the coordinates for the WEDDING!"
Lou: "Stop pointing that finger and try to FREE me please?"
Erika: "...Why was this planet in the Last Places Visited of your stargate , Lou?"

All in all, this was a really fun time with 2 great persons! And if you are interested in the history of the pic... please read all the details about the genesis of this "débile" idea on Erika's blog.

mardi 2 avril 2013

Lou n Graham

Hello all,

I always enjoy working with Graham! We have collaborated a lot with Graham in the past... Our erotic stories have been awesome to work on but also very tiring! So after the last glamour bikini shoot we did I accepted to do to simple normal sex shoot with Graham! It was a lot of fun to shoot and it was hard to choose only a few pics to illustrate it.... but here they are! Enjoy them!

lundi 1 avril 2013

Hoobs Hottie!

Shortly before my birthday I got contacted by Mr Hoobs himself to become one of his 25 Hotties. Of course I was very happy about it and I accepted.... I applied a long while back and thanks to my Ninja Love Keeley and Eva he finally noticed me!

Here is the pic he did for me

Also the link for my page on his blog.

Thanks again Hoobs and all the Hotties for the warm welcome!