lundi 24 février 2014

New Paddle Pool by Batteries Not Included

Soooooo I got the great chance to by asked to blog this New Paddle Pool by Batteries Not Included.

This paddle pool is exclusively available on the Suicide Dolls Event from February 23 until March 7 with 35% discount! Click here to teleport! After March 7, it will be available in BN Inc store and on Marketplace for 1,995L$ and well worth it!!

The pool is really nicely textured and comes with more than 150 solo, straight, lesbian and 3-way actions!! The animations are well fitted and can easily be adjusted to your avi size. Some interesting props will help your fun along with pretty mesh toys :-)

Of note, the pool comes with free oily skin from PARADISIS to add som realism to your fun. 

The quantity of oil in the pool can also be adjusted to your likings!

The pool itself can be streched to match your needs. It comes in 8 detailed wet or dry textures, which you can change with the menu as an owner.

Free oily skin from PARADISIS is included to add some realism to your fun. The amount of animated oil in the pool can also be adjusted to your personal likings. Oil, paddlepool and props are materials ready (eventho I sadly cant see it with my PC).