mercredi 13 février 2013

Valentine's Day in Stone Age

Nowadays, Valentine's Day symbols include doves, the winged Cupid with his bow and arrows and of course the heart in all his forms....

But have you ever imagined the Valentine's Day in Stone Age?

Well I did... and with the help of Graham for the pic and location and of Katina for the kick in the butt here is what we came up with!!!


lundi 4 février 2013

Charity - A Lorenz Beerbaum Production

Woot woot!!! I finally got to work with the awesome producer of SecondPorn Production Lorenz Beerbaum!!!

I have been thinking about it for a while and I just figured out it will not come from the sky if I knapp my fingers.... so I IMed him and after a few chats he invited me over to act in his movie!! I was very nervous and excited as I have been admiring his work secretly for a long time time....

Well no more blah blah.... I think the movie is awesome and I love the end!!! I wont tell you more... you need to watch it!

Dont forget to rate it! and Comment!

samedi 2 février 2013

Allure Mesh Clothes by Athayus Quan

Heya everyone....

I don't do that very often anymore but I have met someone today who deserves it. Here is  the story... Heaven called her friends to check a Mesh store who offers lots of great group gifts.... Since I was kinda grounded by my new display name, I decided to go have a look at what he offers.

In his store you will find about a dozen group gifts of high quality! Actually just one of each of his outfits/shoes! Incredible right? But true!

I got lucky and met Athayus while I was there and he is a total sweetheart! He really cares for his customers and was really really nice with me so I think he deserves that I give it the few adds that I can with my blog! So here it is.... I am wearing the following great items from his store

Dress: [R] Allure Gladiolus Off-Shoulder Dress (Mesh-Maroon) (GROUP GIFT!!!)
Shoes: [R] Allure Diva Ankle Boots (Mesh-Red)

If you wear prim boobies.... there is a corset on the group gift wall that you should definitely get! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Thank you everyone for reading and special thanks to Athayus for his kindness! I hope you will like the post!

Other credits:
Hair: [elikatira] - With - Red 10 (HUGE sale in the store)
Eyelashes: ::DS:: Prim Eyelashes
Eyes: BSN Green Eyes 
Skin: League Hotpink