vendredi 23 novembre 2012

Photoshoot by Woozer

Oh God... RL is ectic sometimes.... and I have some catching up to do...

I have met Woozer on Flickr and he asked me to pose for him! I could not refuse as I really think his pics are great and edited like no one else!

We did 2 shootings and he posted them on his flickr.... Here is the link to my album on his flickr... it has been featured on The PornStars Blog (here). In Serenity's own words its very hot, very sexy and so nicely produced.... I want to thank Woozer for working with me! He is amazing and very professional! If you like his pics, IM him and get him to work with you! You wont regret it!

Here some eyecandy from our shoot

Wet Dreams @ Club Erotique

Tonight was a hell of a party at Club Erotique! We had a special contest.... Girls against Guys!! So exciting I needed to be part of it! Thankfully Serenity let me in!

Girls vs Boys... Two teams of four... To dance and show off our hotness under showers, in wet clothes and of course then wet naked bodies.... Aren't we pornstars?

The party crowd voted for their favorite team during the event and of course the girls (Colleen, Morgan, Candi and me) won.... As the winning team we entered the finale in total control and the losers (Mirko, Bud, Alexus and Scot) were suppose to give us a lap dance! Some being too shy, Jamezz filled a vacant spot for my very own pleasure and TT took Colleen's place. I do not doubt that lots of sexy and naughty pics will be posted all over the SL porn community! Its not everyday that 4 of the sexiest SL guys give lapdances :)

As a little eyecandy here is a pic of me under the shower taken by Jamezz!!

Enjoy and keep an eye on Club Erotique's blog!!

vendredi 9 novembre 2012

Oups I did it again!

Ok ok... somehow during the night I forgot sleep was important as I was watching and talking with a good friend... so as a result I am now damn tired... So to keep me busy while machines work for me I decided I'll make a blog post as I made it again on The PornStars Blog.

So yeah this is the pic.... I took and I edited slightly using the liquify tool that a friend suggested me... So I played around with it, trying to make my body less edgy and I have to say I'm kinda really proud of the result. I think I am progressing... I cant wait to get a new laptop with better graphics so that I can stop crashing 100x while taking pics and eventually pratice more until I get better!

Thanks everyone for the feedback (good and bad) and the tips!

Hugs you all and goes back to her work :)

dimanche 4 novembre 2012

On The PornStars Blog!!!

Here is a short story that happend yesterday....

I was busy perving a friend when I got a whole hell of IMs from unknown people and one from Don to congratulate me. For what??? Well it seems I was the only not knowing that one of my picture was featured on The PornStars Blog!!! Ok ok that might be regular stuff for most of you but not for me... My graphics are so bad that when I go to mid (yes mid :s) I can barely move and I crash... I cannot see shadows or reflections... my water is totally blue... So yes I enjoy what SL looks like by looking at YOUR pics... so having one of mine with yours is just simply brillant!! So thank you Serenity for giving me the chance! xox

The incriminating pic: