mardi 25 mars 2014

New Kinky Pillows [latex] by Batteries Not Included

My friend Leffe was kind enough to send me a gift... Remember those pillows I used when I invited Kat over for breakfast??

Picture by Tatianna Easterwood

Well Leffe has now made them with Latex Textures... to make your wildest dreams come true... She knows that I do not have an SL boyfriend so she gifted me one so that I can play a little bit.... I went to hide in the attic... and like a Ninja Woozer surprised me for a very good time... Of course as perverts we had to immortalise it with a pic!

Picture and poses by Woozer

Of course I am pretty sure you now want it too.... So you can find it on the Marketplace or In World!! And it only costs 295L$!!! so run and get one for yourself!!!

samedi 15 mars 2014

Lou's Little Secrets - MP Shape Store

It is finally time for a new blog post!!!

I have not been online much lately due to the pregnancy. However, I took advantage of my online time to make something new! I decided to create original shapes for Women!!!

And yes you can buy them!! They will be sold exclusively on the Marketplace for the price of 500L$! It is a bargain considering that they are Copy AND Modify!! Have a look here in my store.

I want to thank my dear friend Katina Cazalet for making the pose for me! I highly appreciate your skills and time you dedicated to me! Thank you love!

Here are the first 6 that you will find:

Shape Lucie

Shape Sharron

Shape Aiko

Shape Carrie

Shape Naomie

Shape Viviane

lundi 24 février 2014

New Paddle Pool by Batteries Not Included

Soooooo I got the great chance to by asked to blog this New Paddle Pool by Batteries Not Included.

This paddle pool is exclusively available on the Suicide Dolls Event from February 23 until March 7 with 35% discount! Click here to teleport! After March 7, it will be available in BN Inc store and on Marketplace for 1,995L$ and well worth it!!

The pool is really nicely textured and comes with more than 150 solo, straight, lesbian and 3-way actions!! The animations are well fitted and can easily be adjusted to your avi size. Some interesting props will help your fun along with pretty mesh toys :-)

Of note, the pool comes with free oily skin from PARADISIS to add som realism to your fun. 

The quantity of oil in the pool can also be adjusted to your likings!

The pool itself can be streched to match your needs. It comes in 8 detailed wet or dry textures, which you can change with the menu as an owner.

Free oily skin from PARADISIS is included to add some realism to your fun. The amount of animated oil in the pool can also be adjusted to your personal likings. Oil, paddlepool and props are materials ready (eventho I sadly cant see it with my PC).

mardi 28 janvier 2014

50 Girls Blows AleXo's Cock

Woot my first 2014 post!! A few days ago I applied to AleXo's casting call as he was looking for tons of hot females for his new movie.

A very short role about 30 seconds but was very fun to finally be involved in a project since the last one was in May last year. If you look for me I am number #21!! 

Enjoy this purely sexual movie! And thanks AleXo for the chance!

If you cannot see it in HD, please click here for MP4 version.

mardi 24 décembre 2013

Posing for Graham

As we were waiting for Fleur for another shoot, Graham asked me to pose for him! It was a long time and I was very happy to oblige!

Here are a few of his pics!

dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Sunday Morning....

So today I got a friendly IM from Shu to pose for him! I was really delighted as I think he does great photos! So he first took me shopping... and then I knew how to thank him for the nice gifts!

I hope you enjoy his pics as much as I do!

The whole set is visible in this album on his Flickr

mardi 3 décembre 2013

New pics by myself (more or less)

Hello followers!

I am so sad that my graphic card cant support SL anymore... I cannot really take pics anymore since I cannot go higher than low and I have blue lines all over the screen... but luckily I have great friends which have agreed to take snapshots for me which I edited! Here are two taken by Katina Cazalet and she also helped me with the poses!

Who wants to help me?

Slowly getting in the Christmas mood.... Visiting great sims like The Trace and the new decor of Neva River.... More Christmassy pictures will be published during the month of december!

Going Under (Evanescence)

I thought about this one for the Surrender gallery at Erotique but I was too late! Luckily Envy picked "Favorite Song" as the theme for Hoobs Hotties so I was able to submit that pic there!