mardi 25 mars 2014

New Kinky Pillows [latex] by Batteries Not Included

My friend Leffe was kind enough to send me a gift... Remember those pillows I used when I invited Kat over for breakfast??

Picture by Tatianna Easterwood

Well Leffe has now made them with Latex Textures... to make your wildest dreams come true... She knows that I do not have an SL boyfriend so she gifted me one so that I can play a little bit.... I went to hide in the attic... and like a Ninja Woozer surprised me for a very good time... Of course as perverts we had to immortalise it with a pic!

Picture and poses by Woozer

Of course I am pretty sure you now want it too.... So you can find it on the Marketplace or In World!! And it only costs 295L$!!! so run and get one for yourself!!!

samedi 15 mars 2014

Lou's Little Secrets - MP Shape Store

It is finally time for a new blog post!!!

I have not been online much lately due to the pregnancy. However, I took advantage of my online time to make something new! I decided to create original shapes for Women!!!

And yes you can buy them!! They will be sold exclusively on the Marketplace for the price of 500L$! It is a bargain considering that they are Copy AND Modify!! Have a look here in my store.

I want to thank my dear friend Katina Cazalet for making the pose for me! I highly appreciate your skills and time you dedicated to me! Thank you love!

Here are the first 6 that you will find:

Shape Lucie

Shape Sharron

Shape Aiko

Shape Carrie

Shape Naomie

Shape Viviane