mardi 29 janvier 2013

Last photoshootings!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while now since Lou has done something on the SL Porn Scene! So I did a little catch up in the last days....

On friday night Rock called me to set up a photoshoot... We ended up doing it right there! Its pretty hot and he did a great job on the editing... Below is one of the 41 pics from this shot! Have a look at the whole serie on his Flickr.

Some days ago Jewell from MidnightSun Studios was looking for some Valentine models... I applied and here is what she came up with! I love the piccies... and you? All the pics are on the MidnightSun Studios Blog.

Still yesterday I also got lucky enough to be shooted by Toran from Opium Film Group for his Busty Babes of Porn serie.... Have a look on his blog.

samedi 12 janvier 2013

Miss Emily's Studio 2012 Awards

Been some times since I last blogged what I did on SL... During my first year in SL porn in 2012 I had the chance to meet with Miss Emily! She gave me my first chance to appear in a SL Porn movie and for that I will be thankfull forever!

Not only is Emily a great producer but she is also a great person! Always far from any drama and always friendly and willing to help! Just because i like her work and her as a person I will always be happy to star in her movies.

Here is the list of her movies I appeared in 2012

Bikini Model Orgy (My first role)

Thanks to those movies I have been nominated 3 times for her annual Awards (click the image to see all the nominees and categories)

Best Actress
Best Supporting Actress
Best Newcomer

And Emily never forgets about me... I have already been in two of her 2013 movies among them, one has just been released: Institute of Sexual Health, New Head Nurse

I look forward to much more! Thank you for everything Emily!!

vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Showing off my ass

Christmas went by and Santa did not get my letter or thought I did not deserve a new laptop... so my graphics still suck.... no shadows, crappy rendering and all.... but I have in my Flickr contacts some really skilled pic editors so I gave a shout for a pile up!

Late night I could not sleep so I took the time to find a good angle... crash about 5 times, raise the graphics to medium, crash again.... changed the windlight.... waited about 20min for my screen to stop being black... and snaped a quick pic which I posted on facebook and Flickr then went to bed!

Early morning I found this great pic by  Jadelyn McAuley-Flanagan! So thank you sooooo much for playing with me.... 

I am sharing it with you guys... cause I have been told my ass look totally fuckable and the pic is a turn on..... Come get some if you dare!

Pic by Lou Moonlight
Editing by Jadelyn McAuley-Flanagan
Pose: Check My Ass by Erotipose
Hair: Christy Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills
Top: Ride by .::Pink Sugah::.
Shorts: Jeans 805 by Larry Jeans
Shoes: Nikita by **SD**

mardi 1 janvier 2013


Hello fellow PornStars!

I just wanted to wish you all an Happy New Year and all the best for 2013.
It's gonna be a very special year for me both in RL and on SL, I also wanted to thank you all who followed this blog or my group in World.

Thanks to all the film maker and photographers who accepted to work with me and gave me a chance to start in the business.

Thanks to all my exs, you made me like I am now and this satisfy the one person I love now (yes yes you bebe).

Hopefully my SL and my good start in porn will keep up on the right track next year and Ill have the chance to work with many more of you!! You guys are amazing and make me see what my avi and SL looks like and I am always impressed!!

Hugs everyone