vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Showing off my ass

Christmas went by and Santa did not get my letter or thought I did not deserve a new laptop... so my graphics still suck.... no shadows, crappy rendering and all.... but I have in my Flickr contacts some really skilled pic editors so I gave a shout for a pile up!

Late night I could not sleep so I took the time to find a good angle... crash about 5 times, raise the graphics to medium, crash again.... changed the windlight.... waited about 20min for my screen to stop being black... and snaped a quick pic which I posted on facebook and Flickr then went to bed!

Early morning I found this great pic by  Jadelyn McAuley-Flanagan! So thank you sooooo much for playing with me.... 

I am sharing it with you guys... cause I have been told my ass look totally fuckable and the pic is a turn on..... Come get some if you dare!

Pic by Lou Moonlight
Editing by Jadelyn McAuley-Flanagan
Pose: Check My Ass by Erotipose
Hair: Christy Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills
Top: Ride by .::Pink Sugah::.
Shorts: Jeans 805 by Larry Jeans
Shoes: Nikita by **SD**

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