samedi 2 février 2013

Allure Mesh Clothes by Athayus Quan

Heya everyone....

I don't do that very often anymore but I have met someone today who deserves it. Here is  the story... Heaven called her friends to check a Mesh store who offers lots of great group gifts.... Since I was kinda grounded by my new display name, I decided to go have a look at what he offers.

In his store you will find about a dozen group gifts of high quality! Actually just one of each of his outfits/shoes! Incredible right? But true!

I got lucky and met Athayus while I was there and he is a total sweetheart! He really cares for his customers and was really really nice with me so I think he deserves that I give it the few adds that I can with my blog! So here it is.... I am wearing the following great items from his store

Dress: [R] Allure Gladiolus Off-Shoulder Dress (Mesh-Maroon) (GROUP GIFT!!!)
Shoes: [R] Allure Diva Ankle Boots (Mesh-Red)

If you wear prim boobies.... there is a corset on the group gift wall that you should definitely get! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Thank you everyone for reading and special thanks to Athayus for his kindness! I hope you will like the post!

Other credits:
Hair: [elikatira] - With - Red 10 (HUGE sale in the store)
Eyelashes: ::DS:: Prim Eyelashes
Eyes: BSN Green Eyes 
Skin: League Hotpink

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