vendredi 9 novembre 2012

Oups I did it again!

Ok ok... somehow during the night I forgot sleep was important as I was watching and talking with a good friend... so as a result I am now damn tired... So to keep me busy while machines work for me I decided I'll make a blog post as I made it again on The PornStars Blog.

So yeah this is the pic.... I took and I edited slightly using the liquify tool that a friend suggested me... So I played around with it, trying to make my body less edgy and I have to say I'm kinda really proud of the result. I think I am progressing... I cant wait to get a new laptop with better graphics so that I can stop crashing 100x while taking pics and eventually pratice more until I get better!

Thanks everyone for the feedback (good and bad) and the tips!

Hugs you all and goes back to her work :)

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