dimanche 4 novembre 2012

On The PornStars Blog!!!

Here is a short story that happend yesterday....

I was busy perving a friend when I got a whole hell of IMs from unknown people and one from Don to congratulate me. For what??? Well it seems I was the only not knowing that one of my picture was featured on The PornStars Blog!!! Ok ok that might be regular stuff for most of you but not for me... My graphics are so bad that when I go to mid (yes mid :s) I can barely move and I crash... I cannot see shadows or reflections... my water is totally blue... So yes I enjoy what SL looks like by looking at YOUR pics... so having one of mine with yours is just simply brillant!! So thank you Serenity for giving me the chance! xox

The incriminating pic:

2 commentaires:

  1. Ah tiens une deuxième:
    Tu disais quoi? "Je progresse (je crois)"? Oui, ben oui, manifestement oui. *clin d'oeil*

  2. Quoi?? vrai??? oulalalalalalla!!!! Je suis trop happy!!!! Bon ben sur ce je vais plus pouvoir bosser alors je rentre :) *bisous*