mardi 7 mai 2013

Creep by Thorgal McGillivary

Yaaay!!! He finally made it! He started to film it a few months ago and now its done and ready for your viewing pleasure!

I remember when I answered his casting call last year... and asked my friend Grim to quickly take two pics of me so that I could apply! I remember how thrilled I was when Thor called me! But most of all I want to remind you all that I am trully Clown phobic... so yeah I camed down the whole time and of course I did not see the movie.... no kidding! I had to see it!!! So well I took my boyfriend's hand and we watched it together! And well the title says it all... its CREEPY!!!

"Clowns are scary... clowns are creeps! a group of girls find out just how creepy when they run into the wrong one and decide to bully him a bit..."

This movie was fun to do and above all I really loved the concept! If you dig under the cripness you will find the erotism.... So I wanna thank Thorgal for casting me in that adventure!


Starring: Thorgal McGillicary, Aurelia Lionheart, Katina Cazalet, Lou Moonlight, Jewell Shinja and Moonie Ireman

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