mardi 9 juillet 2013

Lou at Naked by Nearly

wow... It has been so long since I was involved in something big enough to be on this blog....

I was very busy in RL and well just enjoyed being with my close friends on SL when I was rarely on... but among all this I finally got the chance to schedule a shoot with the awesome Nearly / Almost!

He invited me over at Naked.... and it speaks for itself... so well I went there naked :p

It was a great experience... so sensual.. so arousing.... until the climax...

Here are just a few pics but you can see the whole shoot right here on his tumblr.

Wanna know which one is my fav? Well the blowjob one.... I so love to see my lips around a thick cock.... such a turn-on.... "hint hint guys...."

Thank you again Nearly for the great time and I hope we meet again very soon *winks*.

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