mercredi 7 août 2013

Catch Up Gallery

Hello all...

Been pretty much busy in RL with the wedding and the honeymoon... But I got the time to be in a few pictures either by myself or by others. So since I am quite lazy I'll post them all here for your enjoyment.

Harley Queen (Katina Cazalet), CatWoman (me) and Joker (Hoobs)

Who has the most magnificent cunt of all? Starring Katina Cazalet (Snow-White) and me (Maleficent)

I also had the chance to pose for Woozer a few times along with Katina, Envy, Kei and Lord

Then this shooting went totally crazy

And even worse after that

After all it was a Happy Ass Day (with Kat and Seren)

I also posed a few time with Kat in our crazy stupids ideas!!! But you will have to wait to see those... Until she gets inspiration!

A bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures!

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