lundi 15 octobre 2012

50 Shades of Fucked Up

Ok, I've just spend the beginning of the month reading through the 50 Shades trilogy... It has been recommanded  to satisfy my hunger for english book. In fact, it is easy to read and very addictive. The music suggested in it is great to listen to while you read the book, you get in the right atmosphere.

I enjoyed some of the sex scene but the happily ever after ending of the book is a strong deception. The characters engage in some "kinky fuckery" and I have no problems with that. I can even find it arousing at times. I have been in a relationshipt that has some of BDSM elements - mostly about control and punishment. It's probably why I found the book unsettling - the deliberate infliction of pain... It has to my experience nothing to do with pleasure. But well, they are two consenting adults.

However what I found highly dangerous is the following. I do not think that someone who engages in this kind of behavior can be "cured" by the right person. I do honnestly worry that, given the success of this book, undiscerning, naive women will begin to think it is OK, if their partner beats the shit out of them because he/she gets off on it. That if they just hand in there and suffer it, he will change into some "better/nicer" version of himself. I have been there with my ex and it isnt romantic... It's absuive...

So ladies, bear in mind that this is FICTION.

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