dimanche 28 octobre 2012

The lawyer

Today Lou experienced a new thing on SL! And as she is very excited about it she will share the story with you!

It is well known that I have no skills for photography on SL, mainly because of my graphics but also cause I lack the patience... and I do not have esthetic tastes.

However I have ideas... tons of ideas... and I got lucky enough to meet Graham Collinson thanks to Flickr. Graham is a very skilled photographer and he was willing to do more porn... So we joined our brains and work on a something we hope will stand out in SL Porn. A formal, tasty, sexy and classy Porn photoshoot with A STORY BEHIND!

We hope that people will like it and if we get good feedback, we might join our brains more often in the future!

Stay tuned for the story is coming out soon :)

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