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The Lawyer

The Lawyer
Starring: Graham Collinson, Lou Moonlight, Cat Visage and Alexx Yven

Photographer: Graham Collinson / Director and Text: Lou Moonlight

HONEYMOONLIKE FEELING. Lou's ex-husband Alexx is enjoying holidays with his new girlfriend a young blonde called Cat. They lay amorously in a field of flowers in the Bahamas. Alexx is lost in her beautiful eyes and they talk about the bright future ahead of them now that Alexx has finally got rid of his ex-wife.

THE CONFESSION. Alexx lays next to Cat and tells her  what is happening now in his divorce. With the help of a friend he managed to convince the judge that Lou was cheating on him and as such she cannot expect to get a single penny from his fortune. Cat giggles and pulls him closer in a tender kiss.

THE SUNSET. Time flies and soon the sun is setting already like a sign for things to get hotter between them. Cat slips off her dress and sits on her lovers lap. They enjoy each minute together, not knowing that Lou used her last pennies to hire a detective to spy on her ex-husband during his pretended business trip.

MOONLIGHT MASSAGE. The detective is not missing one bit of the show Cat is putting up for her new conquest. As Alexx lays down enjoying her massage, Cat remembers what she loves most and a wicked smile forms on her lips as she imagines how spoiled she will be with this one.

HOMELESS AND ALONE. After the divorce Lou has lost it all… Her love, her dignity and her roof. He dumped her and left her virtually nothing. She gave her last pennies to a detective and lives on a bridge in a cardboard box… Homeless and alone.

A BRIGHTER DAY AHEAD? The detective gets back while Lou is asleep. He leaves some photos for her in her box and leaves silently, not wanting to wake her. When she wakes up at sunrise, Lou founds the pictures. She sighs, her doubts are confirmed. She has been dumped for a YOUNGER blonde slut… How depressing… but well she can live with that… what she needs is her dignity and some money to live decently… She may get something out of these photos so she makes an appointment with her husband's lawyer who administrates his estate while he has a good time.

MR COLLINSON. Mr Collinson is an old friend of her husband and apparently not very busy as he gives her an appointment for the afternoon. As he hangs up the phone he wonders what the ex-wife of his friend might be willing…. *Does she know I am in charge of Alexx’s business while he is enjoying his new young girlfriend in a paradise-like location?* His mind wanders a lot and he gets nervous as the morning flies by. The doorbell sends him back to reality.

THE ENCOUNTER. Lou is on time for the appointment, she is wearing her sexiest jeans and a revealing blouse. They greet politely and shake hands. Mr Collinson asks her what she wants. “I would like to discuss my divorce, Mr Collinson”.

PERPLEXED. Graham is looking at her perplexedly, she looks much better than he expected from what Alexx used to tell him. *Why the hell did he dump that bomb for a blonde?*

HAVE A SEAT. Anyhow he washes his thoughts away as he sits down and offers her a seat. “Please tell me more about why you came to talk to me about your divorce, Ms Moonlight.”

“WORKING”. Lou sits down, crosses her legs and starts telling her story: “Alexx left me with nothing at all, I have to live in the streets in a cardboard box. He even got my dignity in the divorce. I’m freezing while HE is presumably “working” in the arms of a younger blonde in the Bahamas.”

SURPRISED. Graham does not believe what he is hearing. *So she knows? How is that possible? Did Alexx fuck up again? Or maybe she is bluffing… I need to know for sure.* He looks at her and ask: “What makes you believe so? I am sure he is working.”

PROOF. Lou digs in her backpocket and takes a picture out of it, she sits on Mr Collinson's desk and shows him one of the pics she got earlier this morning. She mouths: “Is that a proof enough for you Mr Collinson?”

FRESH MEAT. Graham is taken by surprise he was not expecting her to know about it.He says: “You know Lou, I am married and let me tell you that we all need some fresh meat at some point. You are smart, you must understand that too.”

TO HELL WITH FRESH MEAT. *How the hell could I accept that? What does he expect? I am still beautiful and lovable, what is wrong with those fucking guys?* Lou is getting really mad *we all need fresh meat you must understand that. No way! Does he need fresh meat too? Lets see!*

IS THAT FRESH MEAT? Lou sensually unbuttons her blouse, places one of her heels between his legs as a sign of *do not even think about moving* and asks: “Fresh meat? Is that fresh enough for you?” As he nods shily, she continues: “What about you get some fresh meat and I get some of my ex's money to live? What do you think of that Mr Collinson?”

 BELONGINGS. Graham is surprised, he was not expecting that, she looks damn good and well sure enough he is tired of fucking the same person every day... *Of course Alexx would not like that but well he left me take care of his belongings while he is busy... His ex-wife is probably included...* Graham takes his jacket off and sits back in his chair.

SENSUAL CURVES. Lou turns around bends down on his desk and slowly slides her jeans down her legs and kicks them away. She shows herself to him, letting him get a full sight of her generous curves.

NO ONE MAKES FUN OF LOU. Graham is lost in his thoughts, wondering whether or not he should slap that ass. When Lou turns her head she notices the photo on Mr Collinson’s computer. Alexx and his new girlfriend!! *So he knew all about it? And was watching photos of their holidays while I was telling him about it? And he feigned not knowing anything? These two guys are really making fun of me and I do not like it a single bit!!* Has she ever been that angry before?

HARD ALREADY? She sits back on the desk, not wanting to see the face of the Blonde. She looks down at the lawyer and found out that the pervert was wanking while watching her, she grins and asks: “So my old ass can get you hard Mr Collinson? I wonder what my mouth can do?”

A WARM BATH. Lou gets on her knees, closes her eyes to help her think about something else more enjoyable and she takes his hard cock in her mouth. He groans as he pushes her head so that his cock goes deeper in her mouth. She closes her lips around his manhood and sucks gently.

LUNCH TIME. Maintaining himself inside her, he stands up to mouthfuck her deeper and make her swallow his cock. She slides her tongue all along his shaft feeling his every vein as he throbs inside her. 

WHERE DOES THE BLOOD GO? Not being able to get blood in his brain to think, Graham unclasps her bra and lays her on his desk. He roughly sticks his cock deep in her throat, gagging her. Lou feels tears forming in her eyes… Graham smiles as he thinks the gagging is making her cry and because he so likes that sounds that his wife refuses him. *Poor guy he thinks he is making me cry with his cock…* She hates him so much, but she needs him to survive and get something from her divorce, it is so sad that she cries and tears runs down her cheeks.

HUNGER. He suddenly stops and lays beside her. He rips her panties off like a famished boy who seeks food and looks into her eyes which she closes not wanting to see his face.

EAT ME! Graham eagerly slides his hands down her body and gently starts to slide his index into her while his thumb tickles and circles her clit. However Lou is not turned on by this guy. She hates him too much and she cannot get wet. Before he could get a chance to realize that, she pushes his head to her pussy and makes him eat her.

MMMMMM. Graham smiles to himself and willingly starts to tickle her pussy with his tongue flicking it over her pussy and gently sucking on her clit.

WIDE SPREAD. She spreads her legs wide for him and moans as he makes her wet and ready for him… After what looked like an eternity she decides to go further.

LET’S GO FOR A RIDE. She leans in and whispers in his ears “let me ride you, I know you want it”. She lays him on his back and sits on top of him. She slowly impales on his hard cock and has a disgusted look as he enters her with his manhood.  She turns her head away not wanting to see the image on the computer or his face. *Thank god he closes his eyes and does not notice.*

DEEPER. She relaxes to get him deeper into her and grabs his balls, feeling them getting heavier under her touch. She wonders how long this is going to last and hopes it will be over soon.

GROANING. Lou rides him faster and caresses his cock with her fingers at the same time. He groans out loud. *Damn she is so skilled, I will not be able to hold it much longer…. I really want to get her from behind.*

LOSS OF CONTROL. He cannot control himself any longer and pins her down on the desk and gets her from behind. She gasps as he closes his eyes and slides back into her.

DEEPER, HARDER. He takes her leg and lifts it onto the desk, the change of position letting him thrust deeper into her. He spanks her ass and she contracts her muscles around his hard cock. *Mmmmmmm she feels so good.*

BALLS SMACK. Lou reminds herself it is time to show some appreciation. She moans as she feels his loaded balls slam against her ass while he thrusts himself deeper and harder into her.

FLASH. He pushes her on the floor and slides back into her. Lou looks up through the window and smiles slightly as she sees the flash of her detective taking some pictures. She sighs at how smart she is... Somehow she knew this would end up like that. Men are all so similar and easy to tempt. She relaxes and concedes that he is not a bad fucker, she moans louder and screams “give it to me, show me how you like to fuck a slut!!”

LIKE THAT? He stands up and pulls her up with him… He so loves this position and keeps thrusting into her while he pulls hard on her nipples. “That is how I like it! Now give it to me.”

RELEASE. Her muscles get tense and her body starts to shiver as she cums all around him. Being so tight into her, he cannot and does not want to hold it any longer.

GET THAT! He pushes her back on the rug and slams harder and faster into her. Until suddenly he gets out of her….

ALMOST.  She arches her back and wiggles her ass in front of him. He wanks himself hard and cums on her ass coating her with his spunk.

FINALLY.  A smile draws on her face as he covers her with his hot load. *It is finally over, thank god.*

GETTING BLOOD IN HIS BRAIN AGAIN. As he is done, he slaps his soft cock on her ass and says: “Do not even think about sitting on my chair.” He laughs as he gathers his clothes and walks away.

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