samedi 23 mars 2013

Neva River a beautiful Sim!!

Today I was hanging around on SL and slightly bored so I went to look at Flickr... and there I saw a breathtaking pic from Skip Staeli (visible here) since he was advertising the place I decided to go there and well he is absolutely right! The place is stunning! You guys really have to visit you will be inspired!

Neva River open until March 30th 2013

Congrats to Neva and all the people who designed this amazing place! I really had an awesome time and I regret I do not have more photography and editing skills to make it look better on my pics!

Oh! I also teleported my partner in crime, Katina Cazalet... and after a long Scouting Day we needed a rest! Here is the pic that I took and tried to edit on photoshop! I know its not perfect yet but I am leaning... feel free to comment and also if you wanna help I so need photoshop lessons :-)

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