jeudi 7 mars 2013

Ninja's Passion

Hello all,

It has been some pretty busy time in RL for me with the submission of my first scientific paper... Finally done today... so now just have to wait and keep fingers crossed....

So I have not been in a lot of projects on SL... but I have been writting and things will come with time... Can't say much more but one of the projects will be with Graham Collinson with whom I did the Lawyer shoot a while back... One other will be a movie but much later. Also I'll try to corrupt Kat for more crazy shoots LOL.

In the mean time, my crazy ideas kept coming thanks to all the inspirations my friends give me. After the crazy bomb in the ass shoot with Katina (inspired by the addiction of Mirko for our butts and the Juda betrayal and visible here). I IMed Katina with a new idea... She told me Keeley would be the One for it.

Was not quite sure whether Keeley would say YES or NO.... But well IMed her with an idea inspired by Jamezz... and she said YES!! So a few words about that idea... I got a weird offline: "I am Ninja".... I did not quite get it... so I asked if it was a language thingy but no... So since I love him to bits, I replied: "Hmmmm I love Ninja"

And then wanted to show how much I love them with some pics.... And well to be honnest, it's been a long time I wanted to work with Keeley so I was really happy when she said yes... I have applied several times to her casting calls but never got lucky enough to be picked... so this was kinda my revenge LOL. When I saw her in her Ninja outfit, I knew I took the right decisions... Seeing the pics on her Flickr today really made my day! She did awesome in the taking and editing of the pics! Here they are! But also check her Flickr for more of her great work!

Oh and I also took one shoot myself and edited it.... two different ways cause I was not able to decided LOL

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