lundi 11 mars 2013

The Stern Uncle

The Stern Uncle

Starring: Graham Collinson, Lou Moonlight
Guest Star: Katina Cazalet

Photographer: Graham Collinson / Director and Text: Lou Moonlight

Lou is a 32 years old little scamp who loves sex.... She likes it hard and she is a big tease...

Some days ago Lou got a phone call from her mum telling her that her uncle will be in her town in a few days.

 She said that she gave him an easter basket and a few other things she likes and that he will be at her place next tuesday at 1pm. Lou thanks her mum for being so kind and tells her to kiss her dad before she hangs up. 

Lou does not really know her mother's brother because he is a military who was often away during her childhood. All she knows is that he is 55 years old, was never married and is strict and severe. The last time she saw him she was hardly 17, it was at a wedding and they did not talk together.... She was a child in his eyes. But what impressed her back then was his height and massive body. 

On the D-day, he arrived with all the food and little gifts from her family. He knocks at the door and when she opens the door he is just as she remembers... Tall and austere.... Just a little bit older....

His greetings are like him: cold and impersonal. He gives her the basket and she leaves it on the table in the living room. She is polite and thus shows him around her flat.

She saw the contemptuous look when she politely gives him a tour of her flat. It gave her the idea to give him a lesson. Show him that life can be fun too... They exchange some banalities on the couch... She feels him a little uncomfortable as she sits in quite a suggestive way next to him...  

It was 1pm and she had no other choice than to invite him for lunch. She had prepared everything in advance and just needed to heat it. 

She layed the table and he quickly went to get fuel for his car. When he came back, the table was set, lunch served and she had time to change her clothes to fit her masterplan. His face changed color when he saw her slutty dress... which let him saw her pear breast wiggling as she moved.... a so perfect fabric that it underlined her asscrack as she was serving the food. 

With his gruff voice the uncle says:
- you gonna eat dressed like that?

- of course why? something is disturbing you? Isn't she pretty my dress? She replies.
- you call that a dress?? He adds abruptely.

His voice was more harsh. But she did not step back, with his arrogant tone he was gonna get what he deserves.

- If your mother saw you dressed like a whore she would have a heart attack.

That was below the belt, and it hurt a lot. How dares he say that? Red with anger she walks close to him, her eyes throwing lightning when she says:
- I wear what I want. It is not your place to lecture me. And if i wanna wear short dresses its my liberty. At least I get laid!

The uncle whose face is red, catches her wrist. She tries to free herself but his hand is too strong.

- you are gonna pay for your insolence you little scamp.... and if you move I will tell everything to your mum....

The uncle keep her hand firmly around her wrist.... right now she does not imagine what he is gonna do to her... 

However the situation turns her on.... her nipples harden and her pussy moisten. In her ears he whispers:

- it is a hard spanking that you need to sort your ideas my little girl.

She tries hard to free herself, but it is impossible. He has a terrible force and she looks tiny compared to him.

It is clear that she cant fight and he knows it. He uses his strength to master her. Excitation is replaced by shame when he undoes the knot in her hair and blind fold her. She then feels him pull on the fabric of her dress to expose her breasts... Lou is an exhibitionist but this is too much. He is preventing her to see... whereas him can see her legs, her bumpy butt, her pear breasts and her pussy totally exposed to his sight. 

He places his hand on her mouth and whispers for her to be quite... Than she is only gonna get what she deserves. He turns her around harshly, pushing her against the wall and pulling on her long red hair. 

He does not hold it back and strikes hard, five or six slaps on her asscheeks. But the slut in her regains the upper hand on him. He keeps slapping but it does not hurt anymore. 

She feels twitches on her cheeks but it is the excitation which troubles her now. Her uncle has big hands which cover her ass and he does not stop beating her until he realises that she does not suffer and that her pussy is soaking wet.

- oh but she likes that the little scump..... She wants it on her ass the little pervert!

She is soaking wet and totally turned on as she hears her uncle. She waits for the rest with impatience.... Her vagina contracted by desire, her ass burning from the spanking.... her pussy totally wet.... She closes her eye and feels his breath on her ass... 

The uncle cannot resist any longer.... seeing this ass he burries with cruelty at least three of his long and large fingers in her smelly pussy.... using them like he would his dick.... saying obscene words which increases her pleasure:

-  Fucking wet cunt..... that's a big dickhole that you have here.... fully open and welcoming for all the cock in the town.....

Hmmmmm.... Lou is so turned on... it is so good to hear that and to ignore what he is going to do to her.

He grumbles other things that she does not understand and keeps devastating her cunny for her greatest pleasure.... He pulls on the knot holding her dress and the fabric fall on the floor... It is not over because the uncle is at least as vicious as her and while he fingerfucks her cunt, his other hand search her ass as brutally. 

She cant hold her moans, it is too good, too hard and the louder she screams the more fingers the uncle inserts into her. Suddenly he pulls his fingers out of her ass and grabs his cock and pushes it in her ass... His fingers still ravaging her pussy... He then feeds her his fingers:

- see how you taste fucking lil slut!

Her anus and vagina are dilating as he goes along. She is so wet that it make obscene noises when he pops in. It is so good she cannot hold it very long.... a wave of pleasure overwhelms her, her screams rarify and are deeper until the ultimate climax.


She tries to free herself but the uncle is not done with her:

- You gonna taste my cock sweety.... and you'd better suck it good or you will get more spankings.

The uncle grabs her hair and pushes hard until she knees down.... this turns her on even more.... She feels like she is being used and she loves it.... 

She cant see much but she feels the huge balls full of cum of the uncle crash on her eyes, her cheeks as he tries to push them both in her mouth but she suffocates. 

How he slaps her face with his cock over and over again. Until he stops and starts to fuck her mouth again, pushing his dick so deep that she starts to feel dizzy.

But the uncle has trouble to hold it and soon his hot sticky cum splash on her face several times.

Later the uncle is stern again and says that he saw that she was a little slut or else he would never have dared to do that. He tells her that she'd better shut the fuck up because anyway who would believe the little scum she is.  

Very happy Lou chastely kiss his cheek like a nice niece should to with her uncle before he goes...


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